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Sneak Peek: Spiraling Out of Control

For our final Christmas Book Tour Sneak Peek, I’m featuring Spiralling Out of Control by Michelle Dennis Evans. It’s written from a Christian world view, but does touch on some adult themes and is recommended for readers ages 17 and up.

Michelle Dennis EvansMore about Michelle:

Michelle Dennis Evans writes picture books, chapter books, young adult contemporary novels and enjoys dabbling in free verse poetry. Her debut novel Spiralling Out of Control and poetry collection Life Inspired both reached #1 in subcategories on Amazon in their first week of release. Michelle is passionate about seeing people grow and move forward in their journey. She lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and four super active, super fun and super time consuming children. Find Michelle and all of her social media links at MichelleDennisEvans.com


More about the book:

Temptation, depression, seduction, betrayal … Not what Stephanie was expecting at fifteen years of age. Uprooted from her happy, all-girl high school life with a dream filled future and thrown into an unfriendly co-ed school, Stephanie spirals into depression.

When charismatic high school senior, Jason notices her, Stephanie jumps in feet first and willingly puts all her faith and trust in him, a boy she barely knows.

Every choice she makes and turn she takes leads her towards a dangerous path.

Her best friend is never far away and ready to catch her … but will she push Tabbie too far away when she needs her most?

Spiralling Out of Control PREVIEWExcerpt from Spiralling Out of Control – Chapter 3 part c

“Steph, dinner is ready.” Diane knocked on her door.

Stephanie didn’t reply.

“Look,” her mother opened the door. “I know it wasn’t the best start, but why don’t you come downstairs for dinner. Dad’s just come home and he wants us to eat together.”

Dragging herself off the bed, Stephanie followed her mother.

“Hello, Steph.” Her father spoke while focusing on the newspaper. “Mum said you didn’t have a good day.”

Stephanie wanted to rip the paper from his hands. But didn’t.

They sat at the table while April dissected her fabulous day. “Oh, there’s three girls in my class who do gymnastics,” she said. “They go to the best club. I just have to join it.”

Her father looked up from the paper. “We can book you in for a trial, if you like.”

“There’s a birthday this weekend. Jenna has invited me. Is it okay if I go? Well, I kind of already replied but I … well is it okay?”

John tilted his paper forward, peering over the top. “I hope you didn’t invite yourself.”

April shook her head. “There’s a play coming up and I’m trying out for a part tomorrow.”

Diane smiled. “Do you need help with learning lines? Maybe Stephanie can help.”

Stephanie pulled a face at April and shook her head, rolling her eyes.

“Mum, can you come and help at school?” April asked.

“Yes, I should be able to fit in one or two days.”

“Dad, they’re asking for fathers to help with some of the backdrops and props. Can I put you down for that?”

He folded the paper in half, putting it down. “It depends what time and which day they need me.”

“Mum, I can’t believe they gave me readers. They’re so easy. I can read way better than that!”

All Stephanie heard was, “Blah blah blah,” while April continued to prattle on. Argh!

After dinner, Stephanie resumed her position on her bed, staring at the ceiling, letting the loud music thump off the walls until her mother asked her to turn it down for the night. She held her aching head in her hands and cried herself to sleep. That night she had nightmares of up-close faces coming one after the other, laughing.


Stephanie’s mother stopped right in front of the school gate for the third day in a row.

“Mum! Could you stop a little further away from the gate?”

“Why? There’s no other cars right in front,” Diane said. “Saves you the walk.”

Believe me, Mum, you are making my life worse.

Stephanie groaned as she leant against the car door that never closed on the first shove. Before she even looked up, the banter had started.

“Wanna have lunch?” one boy asked, followed by one of his friends with, “Oh, no she already has a lunch date … with herself.”

“Shut up, idiots.” Stephanie urged her feet to move faster.

The boys erupted with laughter. The only difference each day was different boys delivered the lines, adding obscene remarks about her body parts. Wolf-whistle boy was always in the centre, finishing with a whistle each day.

“Get a life,” she told them as she walked away.

Thanks for reading the excerpt, and visit author Michelle Dennis Evans online if you’d like to learn more. And … please pop over to the John 3:16 page and enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win a $200 Amazon voucher http://bit.ly/Christian_Books

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