Leigh’s Book

I had the pleasure of releasing a devotional book in 2008 with Extreme Diva Media, a publisher who focuses on devotional books for women and girls.

My book is Divas in Disguise: Finding the True Diva in You. It’s for tween girls, and is a five-week look at some different women in the Bible. Some you might’ve heard of, some you might not. Some of these women were desperate divas who thought they had everything figured out — but really were self-centered and off-track from where they should’ve been. Others were divas in disguise — the kind of women most people might not want to socialize with, but who actually were smarter than the others thought.

Each week tells the story of six women and gives you the chance to dig a little deeper with a question or journaling-type activity each day. The week ends with four questions that compare and contrast the women you’ve studied and what you can learn from them.

Books are available from Extreme Diva Media or Amazon. Plus, here’s a book trailer to give you a sneak look at what it’s about. Enjoy!



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