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A little about me …

My mom was a teacher and taught me to read so early that I don’t even remember learning — I just know that I’ve always loved books and I’ve always loved reading! When I got older and started learning how to write stories of my own, I learned that I loved that too. Not that much of what I wrote was worth reading, but that’s another story …

The best part is that now I’m a grown-up who gets to read and write every day for my job as a writer and editor. I’m always talking to interesting people and learning new things, which keeps it fun (and fun is important when you’re grown up and working in the real world). The more I learn, the more I know that I still have lots TO learn! But I like to share what I know with other writers, especially kids. That’s why I started Writing Stars — to share things I’ve learned that can help you be a better writer. (Hop over to the About Writing Stars page to learn more about that.)

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s have some fun!

~ Leigh

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  1. hi im abigail,

    I love writing!! my teacher said that im the best writer she ever seen! I am a singer and i want to become famous thats my dream!! I love writing songs! I love to also write books to! i wish that i could meet Justin Beiber and let him help me or even u could be my writing teacher!


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