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DSC02110I’m so glad you found this little corner of the blogging world and that you’re interested in what I’m doing here.

It all started a few years ago when the counselor at my kids’ elementary school invited me to be part of Career Day. She knew that I was a writer, and thought the students would like to hear from someone with a not-quite-so-ordinary job. Because being a writer isn’t necessarily ordinary at all! There’s a whole world of things that need to be written and people who aren’t sure how to do it — so they hire a writer to help with the job. I’ve written newspaper and radio ads, sales catalogs, brochures, websites, magazines, business announcements … and all sorts of other things.

Those are the kinds of things I talk about at Career Day, because they’re what I focus on most of the time. But whenever I have the chance to steal a few minutes away from the work stuff, I love to write fiction.

You write fiction, too, don’t you? And learn about all of its pieces and parts at school? But there’s so much to writing fiction, that your teachers can’t tell you everything because they have so much to cover in class every year.

I’m not saying that the writing info I post here is supposed to take the place of what your teacher tells you in class. I could never take your teacher’s place! But maybe what I write can be “a little extra” to go along with your teacher’s things.

Since writers usually are also big-time readers, I also post about good books I’ve read or authors you might want to check out. Most of the books I mention will be written for the middle grades market, but some might slip into the YA (young adult) age range. Either way, they’ll be the kinds of books you can enjoy reading but won’t have to hide from your parents. No overabundance of gutter talk, sex, or other stuff that would bump a movie rating right up the scale.

Don’t worry about seeing only old-fashioned or boring books here, though. The books I highlight are fun and interesting with characters who are goofy and flawed and sometimes angry — just like we are in real life. Chances are, you’ll learn a little something from them, to.

So, come back for:

  • Book reviews
  • Author spotlights
  • Fiction writing tips
  • And some other fun with writing or reading

If you want to be sure to keep up with everything, just plug your email into the “Subscribe” box, and you’ll get a message every time I publish a post. See you around!

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