Dystopian Meets Greek Gods

If school hasn’t started back for you yet, it probably will very soon. Which means you’ll have loads of reading and work to do for teachers, but we still need to squeeze in some books for fun, right?

House of HadesI’m here to tell you that there are two releases coming in October that I can hardly wait to dig into: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan and Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Two very different books that will take me to completely different worlds — Greek and Roman gods and demigods versus teens and 20-somethings in a dystopian version of Chicago. Add those to my to-be-read pile including a goofy MG pirate tale, several Christian historical romances, and the latest David Baldacci (passed along by my dad), and you’ll see that I read a lot of different stuff.

Here are two reasons why I’m really looking forward to The House of Hades and Allegiant:

The series. I love a good series! If an author hooks me on characters and a storyline in his or her first book, then I want more. I’ve followed Percy Jackson and his buddies on every adventure since The Lightning Thief and haven’t tired of them yet because new twists and challenges keep popping up. New characters too, which keeps it interesting. The story of Tris sucked me in from page one of Divergent, with its fine line between the world we know today and how it could conceivably be if certain things happened. She’s a girl I can relate to and love to cheer for.

AllegiantThe writing. In case you didn’t know, writers read differently from regular readers. Once you start learning how to write fiction, reading is never the same. We pick up on show vs. tell, watch for foreshadowing, notice how the author brings things alive with descriptions or dialogue. Sometimes that drives me crazy because I just want to enjoy the book! But most of the time it gives me a chance to learn as I read. It’s been interesting (to me) to see how Riordan’s writing has changed and grown as the Percy series has expanded. It has more depth, more layers between characters, more complex sentences. And Roth? Wow, I can learn a lot from her. I think her writing is top-notch on all levels. Plus, the last book in each series had a tremendous hook that I’m eager to see play out.

This would also probably be a good place to admit that I only started reading both series after my son did. I kept buying the Percy Jackson books for him and the first series was almost complete before I finally picked up The Lightning Thief for myself. He picked up a buddy’s copy of Divergent when they went camping last summer and came home wanting a copy. He gave it such high marks that I might’ve started reading that one before he finished it. 🙂

So what about you? Are you counting down to the release date for these or some other books? If so, which one and why?

P.S. — Just FYI, The House of Hades releases on October 8, and Allegiant releases on October 22. For more info, visit the blogs for Rick Riordan and Veronica Roth (and, no, I don’t get anything for recommending these books or their authors — just sharing a little book love).


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