Book review: Night Flight, by Diane & David Munson

From the back cover: Ex Feds Diane and David Munson crank out high velocity suspense as Glenna and Gregg Rider adopt Blaze, a mature dog. The teens are shocked when Blaze confronts shady criminals making counterfeit money. They discover what their parents never told them: Blaze is a retired law enforcement dog. The crooks are arrested, but Glenna and Gregg must flee to their grandparents’ home in Treasure Island, Fla. Danger follows them from Skeleton Key in the darkness of night as they put Blaze to work fighting crimes. Blaze reveals a surprising twist, so hold on for the thrilling end.

Night FlightMy thoughts: Glenna and Gregg definitely get more than they expected when their parents let them adopt Blaze. They think he’s a regular “old” dog, but he soon proves them wrong. The book is packed with multiple plot lines from tracking down criminals to dealing with a friend’s illness to learning to watch for – and help – people less fortunate. The pieces seemed rather jumbled in some spots to me, but everything came together in the end.

I liked that the authors’ real-life experiences as Federal agents/prosecutors came through when they explained about different procedures or agencies. They handled those things well — they educated their readers without sounding like a text book. The details they were able to include helped make the events even more realistic and kept the story interesting. What kid doesn’t want to see some ins and outs of folks who catch international bad guys?

Some of Glenna’s and Gregg’s actions and lines of thinking seemed younger than their ages, but maybe they’ve just led very sheltered lives. Themes such as helping the people you love, trusting God to be in control, and being honest with your parents were clear without being preachy — always a plus in kids’ books.

David and Diane Munson

Authors Diane and David Munson

The publisher categorizes Night Flight as young adult, but I see it as more appropriate for middle grades. Kids in 4th-6th grades would probably enjoy it the most, thanks to the “kid spy” factor, super sleuth dog, and level of plot.


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