Growing and Changing With the New Year

Lots of people think of January as a time for new beginnings — a time for growing and changing. Flip the calendar to the new year, and it’s the perfect time to start something new or to give new life to something that’s been around for a while.

It’s time for a fresh start here at Writing Stars, and time for some changes.

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You see, having a blog is a lot like growing plants. You have an idea, get excited about it, and dive into creating what you envision as the cyber world’s next fabulous phenomenon. It’s the web’s equivalent of seeing a flat of beautiful flowers at your local store, choosing the perfect spot to plant them in, and imagining all the gardening magazine editors (or better yet, HGTV producers) wanting to share you and your gorgeous flowers with the world.

But then a whopping storm blows through and strips every petal from your plants. Or temperatures plummet one night and the freeze kills each plant. Or the neighbor’s dog gets loose and turns your flowers into yard confetti.

Or life gets wacko and you don’t write a blog post for days … or weeks … or months. Sigh.

When you finally do start thinking about blog things again, you realize that you still like the original idea and want to try again. It just needs a fresh look, some new ideas, and maybe a plan to help make it happen.

Kind of like the water and fertilizer that revive those plants.

It’s time for some watering and fertilizing here at Writing Stars. I’ll still blog about the same things I originally planned — writing tips, middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) book reviews, and author spotlights. I’ll even throw in some fun stuff along the way, like videos or contests or book giveaways.

But it won’t be any fun if I’m here by myself! I hope you’ll stick around, and that you’ll like things well enough to invite your friends for a visit.

Here’s to a great time of growing and changing in the new year! What’s one way you’d like to grow as a writer or reader in 2013?

~ Leigh


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